Inclusive of All. Human, Always. Impact for GOOD.

Culture-Rific is a boutique leadership and culture consulting company that works with people and organizations to implement lasting change.

Culture-Rific is brought to you by Claire Meany and Regina Miller.

Claire and Regina created Culture-Rific so that they can bring their thirty-five years of leadership training, coaching, and culture-building experience to you. They have worked across a variety of industries and on six of the seven continents (you can guess which ones!). They have worked leading internal organizations and teams and as outside consultants. Together they have been collaborating, designing, and loving every minute of the work they do.

Claire and Regina show up as Claire and Regina: fun, inclusive, and human. They want you to show up in the same way. No, not fun, inclusive and human. As YOURself. As your true self.

Terrific Culture, by Design.

The Culture-Rific approach is rooted in the following guiding principles:

✦ We value client collaboration to build customized solutions for GOOD.
✦ We encourage everyone to get their voice in the room.
✦ We use high engagement strategies to build momentum for change.
✦ We get to the heart of the matter by holding the space for the critical and most important conversations.
✦ We “go slow” to identify underlying causes, in order to “go fast” with new, impactful, creative ways forward.
✦ We offer simple models and encourage individuals, teams, and organizations to use them rigorously to create the culture they want.

Claire Meany, Chief Culture-Rific Officer

Claire – is a masterful facilitator and coach who knows how to build the capabilities and confidence of leaders at every level. She believes that meaningful conversations and active listening are the gateways to growth. Claire tells it like it is. 

Claire cut her teeth guiding large companies through massive shifts in structure and culture. She has proven to be the go-to person when help is needed with internal organization, change management, and conflict resolution. She is not shy. Claire lasers in to get to the root of the problem in order to draw out a clear road map to success. She knows precisely where to place attention in order to achieve results

Claire sees that there is a human behind every leader. She herself leads from the center, not from the surface. Claire breaks down barriers in communication, removes obstacles for growth, and sets the stage for solutions to arise. She brings the whole team along for the ride with passion, humor, and energy.

Claire is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Board Certified Coach (BCC), has her PCC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF), and has undergone post-graduate training in Executive Coaching with the College of Executive Coaching. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Human Resource Development, both from George Washington University. 

Claire helped me to totally transform my leadership and management style, growing me from someone who had no skills or even self-awareness about my management style to a leader who is very conscious of how I can help my team succeed. She has shown me an array of pitfalls to avoid and a whole new set of skills that I now successfully deploy.Lori Wallach, Director, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Regina M. Miller, Chief Culture-Rific Officer

Regina – is a creative and energetic leadership development consultant and executive coach who works with organizations and leaders to implement engagement strategies that drive growth. She helps clients to define their clarity of purpose and to articulate plans to move directionally towards Culture-Rific. She facilitates conversations where team collaboration and imagination collide, in a GOOD way! Boom. 

Regina is a unifier and brings a proven ability to align business processes and people practices to Culture-Rific status. She knows very well the joys and pains of building Culture-Rific companies and taking start-ups to the enterprise level (ask her for some of her war stories!). Regina reads patterns of individual and group behavior and uses those observations to design solutions that have impact and momentum.

Regina believes that GOOD leadership is the grounding element of terrific cultures. She works with clients to implement leadership development and executive coaching strategies designed to enhance leadership presence and communication, change management, awareness of impact, emotional intelligence, conflict-resolution, resiliency and well-being, and influence.

Regina holds her PCC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF), a diploma in Clinical Executive Coaching, Consulting and Change from INSEAD, Certificate of Advanced Studies, Global Environmental Governance from the Graduate Institute of Geneva, and her HR Executive Certificate from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Regina holds her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Hunter College and her Master of Arts in Organization Development and Human Resources from the New School for Social Research.

During the Oskar/Vodafone, CZ start-up, Regina helped shape and develop the culture of passion, spirited teamwork, and collaboration. She was instrumental in bridging the cultural divide that existed between expats and locals, and moreover, helped build a culture of success and driving one another to be better people and ultimate leaders.Mario Mele, Vice President Corporate Strategy and Controller at TELUS, former
colleague at Vodafone, CZ